Set up in 2005, Specialist Umbilical Services Ltd. is a Private Limited Company owned and operated by Danny Humphreys.

Danny's background includes installing and testing umbilical systems around the globe, including developing project specific installation and test procedures. With considerable experience in managing and developing engineering service teams and his involvement in manufacturing, includes setting up manufacturing units to produce umbilicals, WOCS and sub sea umbilical jumpers and their associated controls hardware.

Danny has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of umbilicals. These years of experience have developed a competitive advantage, along with an exceptional level of professionalism.

Having this first hand experience of the product gives SUS a very discerning eye when it comes to inspections. This makes the management of the business considerably more accurate because they have the in-depth knowledge and experience to make informed decisions. Danny has an honours degree in Business Management and Organisation and a master's degree in Business Administration.