Our Services


SUS Ltd has considerable experience in the inspection of umbilical manufacture at most of the umbilical manufacturing plants in Europe, including, dynamic, static, steel tube, thermoplastic umbilical and power cables up to 21kV. Inspection levels can be varied to suit specific project needs and budgets from core liner extrusion processes, steel tube pilgering through to complete factory acceptance testing and integration testing. Additionally SUS Ltd. can also supply personnel for offshore installation representation to protect our clients' interests. SUS Ltd. have an extensive database of suitably qualified and experienced personnel to cater for all your needs.

Project Management:

SUS is able to offer a more comprehensive service than standard inspection services. In more complex projects a more hands on project management service may be preferred to standard inspection services.

Contract Review:

SUS is able to offer the contract support services, including but not limited to the review of contract terms and conditions, assistance with contract negotiations, drafting documents such as confidentiality agreements and the like.

Engineering Services:

SUS Ltd. is able to offer our its clients engineering services on an array of specialised areas. This may be providing our clients with umbilical procurement specification documentation, for their new project, which meets with API and ISO guidelines; It may be providing document or procedural review services for existing projects, or the generation of new test procedures for manufacturing or offshore umbilical work. Whatever your needs, give us a call and we can help you to meet your challenges, whenever the situation demands.